Friday, March 11, 2011

happy bufday boy!!

Hye all...actually im new here..and this is my first i got some story to share with you..

on 2nd jan 2011 is our 2nd anniversary between me n my boy hafiz..
this pic is our celebration..=)
lurve u boy...<3

i gave him couple ring..
i got from him a bracelet from Tiffany & Co..
thank shayunk..=)

on 18th feb 2011 actually is my lovely boy bufday...
its between us again...and this is suprise birthday for him...
i was plan all this a month b4 his birthday...=D

Venue: TGI Friday Pavilion
Date   :  18th feb 2011
Time   :  8.30 pm

i gave him a MP3 sony lurve colour...

my heart is hurt...=(

hye all...
            i just got something to share..

"pe yg u all rase if some of ur mmber dtg kat tempt u all,tp lngsung tak contact o call ajk kua ke jumpe ke lepak ke...??...but suddenly u taw yg dye ade contact mmber yg len then lpk same,pdhl u all sume noe each other..."

hurmm....tak paham n sgt terase actually dlm kes ni...=(