Saturday, October 22, 2011

crying inside my heart..

heylow there..
        im just wanna share something what i feel today..
we r over about 1 week ago..he promise too many thing..
he gave me a HOPE..
i try to forget him and all our memories..
but why its too hard..
i try to find someone like him..
but im failed!
then now,i feel the same thing to my beloved 'b' before him..
i cant understand..=,(

lot of <3,

Monday, April 25, 2011

im not your for this momment...

hye there..
tataw nk start mcm ne..hri ni rse mcm ade je yg tak kene spnjg hri..
bel td essay terpesong..
ok,to so sorry make u hurt like this..
i didn't mean it.but i still glad to noe u..
u make me happy  here..
but im not your for this momment...
i hope u make a good decision for ur future..
hope we will meet in the futute..
i pray for you may u seccess in everything u do..
here 10 things bout you that will become memories:

1) u salu n ske perhatikan stiap gerak geri n telatah i..
2) u ske puji n ckp direct kat i ble u ske sesuatu bout me..
3) u ske menyakat i..
4) u boleh tahan juga la dgn pangai i yg agk crewet ni..
5) u ske bau perfuem i..
6) u ske pndg i lame2..
7) u salu bg i ketawa tak tentu pasal..
8) sometime u understand wht i feel..
9) u ade future yg cerah..
10) last not less, u nie "phycho kokein"=b

*take care ur self n happy always...

lot of hearts:

Friday, March 11, 2011

happy bufday boy!!

Hye all...actually im new here..and this is my first i got some story to share with you..

on 2nd jan 2011 is our 2nd anniversary between me n my boy hafiz..
this pic is our celebration..=)
lurve u boy...<3

i gave him couple ring..
i got from him a bracelet from Tiffany & Co..
thank shayunk..=)

on 18th feb 2011 actually is my lovely boy bufday...
its between us again...and this is suprise birthday for him...
i was plan all this a month b4 his birthday...=D

Venue: TGI Friday Pavilion
Date   :  18th feb 2011
Time   :  8.30 pm

i gave him a MP3 sony lurve colour...

my heart is hurt...=(

hye all...
            i just got something to share..

"pe yg u all rase if some of ur mmber dtg kat tempt u all,tp lngsung tak contact o call ajk kua ke jumpe ke lepak ke...??...but suddenly u taw yg dye ade contact mmber yg len then lpk same,pdhl u all sume noe each other..."

hurmm....tak paham n sgt terase actually dlm kes ni...=(